New Model Review: User-Friendly Flash Forge Finder 3D Printer

Classrooms and homes everywhere will find that the Flashforge Finder is the perfect starter 3D printer. It is compact with a clean design. All of its cables are kept from sight within the hybrid plastic, alloy frame.

What this means is this 3d printer is pretty much “plug and play.” In addition, it is a safe device because all of the heating elements are kept away from touch. All printing material is also non-toxic. This makes it the kind of printer that will be great around kids or amateur home 3D printing experimenters alike.

Whats included with the Flashforge Finder 3d Printer

  • A quick-start guide
  • A roll of PLA filament – 600 grams
  • A filament guide tube
  • A sheet of platform sticker
  • A power and USB cable and
  • A USB Stick with software and user guide already stored for your convenience

The user interface has the same intuitive colorful, LCD panel as the Dreamer. Boot it up and you see clear cut buttons for printing, preheating and other tools. When you select print it gives you options for the USB interface or the on-board memory which includes a test print figure. The tools bring up sub menus with more options like loading and unloading the filament and automatically leveling the print bed.

The auto-leveling feature makes calibrating the printer bed as easy as it can be. It instructs you to tighten or loosen a print bed support screw. Just wait for the soft beep to indicate you have completed the process correctly with each screw. The printer’s calibration process automatically corrects any warping issues or imperfections on the PLA parts. It gets the printer set for the perfect resolutions.

The printing gets done in speeds of 40 to 200 millimeters per second. The glass bed slide in to make loading and unloading of 3D prints simple. Cover the glass surface with blue painter’s tape for added help in securing the filament adhesion to the print bed.

When it is unheated, the Finder only supports PLA filaments. The proprietary storage lets users know whether the filament is extruding or not, which gives total control on the fly to start or stop any print.

You get the conveniences of being able to store printing files onto the device via WiFi. There is 4 GB of on-board memory which you can take advantage of by using the USB cable connected to your computer. After the uploading is done, you can untether the printer from the computer. It is a very convenience printer on which to store print files. The bundled Flash Print software is easy to use, too.

What is super about this printer is that Flash Forge has managed to focus on improving the extrusion process. the Finder has a MK 10 brass nozzle and a thermal barrier guide tub. The noise level is almost naught, and is as low as 50 dB. This makes it quieter than the Dreamer, according the maker.

For the home or the classroom, this is a cost-effective and excellent printer for entry level use. If you require ABS or PLA materials and want the features of a dual extruder model, consider buying the Flashforge Creator Pro.

Flashforge Finder Tech Specs

  • Device’s Build Volume- 5.5- in L x 5.5- in W x 5.5- in H
  • Has 100 – 500 micron layer thickness
  • Precision is 11 microns positioning on X and Y and 2.5 microns positioning on Z
  • 0.4 mm Nozzle Diameter
  • 1.75 mm Filament Diameter
  • Uses Fused Deposition Modeling Technology
  • Compatible with PLA printing material only
  • Product Dimension is 16.5-in L x 16.5-in W x 16.5-in H
  • Weighs 44 lbs
  • Makes use of Flash Print Software with file types STL and OBJ
  • Connects with USB cable, USB stick or WiFi
  • Works with Window 7, 8, Vista or Mac OS X
  • Use English or Chinese Display

Final thoughts on the new Flashforge Finder

In short if this model brings a new level of affordability to the Flashforge 3d printer line-up. We fully expect this model to prove itself over the coming year and establish itself among the best 3d printers available. We’ll be watching user reviews, message boards, forums and industry talk about the new model.

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