Ultimaker 2+, 2 Extended+ and GO Review

New Upgraded 2+ Model

Having your very own 3D printer opens up a world of awesome printing possibilities. What's great is that the potential of 3D printing hasn't been fully realized, and yet you can already create more objects than you can imagine, and have fun times with them! If you're up for some serious 3D printing, or have just started in the 3D printing world, then you can't go wrong with a … [Read more...]

Zortrax M200 3D Printer Review


A critical review of the is the only thing that you need to determine whether the printer is appropriate for you. This is considered an underdog printer that is quickly making its way to the big leagues. You are going to find very useful information of the in this review. This includes product details, features and feedback from people who have already used it in the … [Read more...]

New Model Review: User-Friendly Flash Forge Finder 3D Printer


Classrooms and homes everywhere will find that the is the perfect starter 3D printer. It is compact with a clean design. All of its cables are kept from sight within the hybrid plastic, alloy frame. What this means is is pretty much “plug and play.” In addition, it is a safe device because all of the heating elements are kept away from touch. All printing material is also … [Read more...]

Review Of Lulzbot Mini 3D Printer


Let's do a shall we? It sets up quick in just 15 minutes. It's not heavy and weighs just 19 pounds. Its dimensions are 17” x 13.4” x 15.2" which mean that you can easily fit it on your average desktop. The features alone helped it the Mini find it's place in the best 3d printers list! To set it up, you just need to: Set the filament line Download the required … [Read more...]

Review of Lulzbot Taz 4 3D Printer


Filament and Cartridges This is compatible with different 3mm ABS or PLA filaments. It can accept both Lulzbot cartridges as well as universal cartridges. The cartridges are set securely at the printer’s side by a hook system, making it easy to load the filament is easy to load. One limitation, however, is that this printer only has one standard print head. This means that it … [Read more...]