33 Ways 3d Printing is Changing the World {Infographic}

Some say that 3d printing is currently where the PC was in 1979. Even the best 3d printers are clunky, unintelligent and rudimentary. Yet as with any new technology that has the ability to forever change the world, just as the PC has, 3d printing is making waves and early adopters are pioneering the future. This infographic starts out at the most personal level possible, the … [Read more...]

Finding the Best 3d Printer Reviews on the Web

Over the years 3d printers have proven to be more than just a passing fancy; undoubtedly, they are here to stay. A lot of fine models geared to schools, professionals and hobbyists are now available. However, we are still searching for that advanced 3d printer with good print quality, easy set up and operation and modest price for it to be the perfect consumer product. As … [Read more...]

The Best 3D Printers of 2015

3D printing at International CES 2015 was enormous, mirroring the innovation's move from a simply mechanical and Maker apparatus to something for purchasers, as well. The 3D Printing Marketplace multiplied its foot shaped impression with more than 30 organizations sharing their best 3d printers, checking, and demonstrating products with more than 160k … [Read more...]

Selecting the Best 3D Printer on a Budget

The 3D printing is here to stay. About ten years ago, we had very few 3D printers that were the preserve of well-heeled companies and factories. However, this has changed as 3D printers are now readily available and are now affordable products that can be used by designers and even consumers. Improvements continue to be made on the best 3D printers to make them more … [Read more...]