33 Ways 3d Printing is Changing the World {Infographic}

Some say that 3d printing is currently where the PC was in 1979. Even the best 3d printers are clunky, unintelligent and rudimentary. Yet as with any new technology that has the ability to forever change the world, just as the PC has, 3d printing is making waves and early adopters are pioneering the future.

This infographic starts out at the most personal level possible, the human body, and shows 33 ways 3d printing is affecting us all the way into space travel.

Infographic created by: RS Components UK

What will come of this technology over the next 3-5 years will be amazing to watch. What the PC lacked in it’s evolution was the internet, which only came later as a result of the PC. Now iterations, protyping, testing is driven by a completely connected world that’s innovating 24/7 around the world.

What today is the best 3d printer will likely become an afterthought much the way the PC evolved so rapidly that yearly upgrades were necessary to keep up with software and hardware changes. As with the mobile world and social media which exploded 10 years ago we are set to see an explosion in 3d printers in both personal and professional applications

Stay right there and don’t change the channel. This is going to be an interesting ride!

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