Best 3D Printers of 2016 Based on User Feedback, Quality, Price & Features

3D Printer Reviews

Looking for the best 3d printer? What about reviews of the top rated 3d printers? With the market exploding with new models and more companies coming on board at a record pace it’s getting tricky choosing which to invest in. We’ve sorted out the top rated models, some of which we cover in our 3d printer reviews, and have narrowed them down to what users say, and we think you’ll agree, are the best 3d printers.

What earns a printer the best 3d printer award?

We use criteria like user reviews, price, value, reputation, warranty, features, company history, community, cost to operate, ease of use, ease of setup, software options, print quality, print failure rate to judge all the models you see here.

Your wants, needs and budget are unique

As you can imagine, knowing which 3D printer is going to be the best depends on your personal use. We’ve tried to take into consideration the diverse types of folks who could be viewing this page and represent each as best we can. Out of thousands of printers, these made the “Best of” list.

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best 3d printers of 2016

Search the best printers in each category

In addition to trying to find a 3d printer by price, some prefer to search by category. We’ve awarded a “best of” for each category which you can find by searching the box below.

3D Printers Under $500

In this category you’ll find: best cheap 3d printer

Getting started in 3d printing is now easier than ever! Unfortunately it can be a bit confusing about which printer to make your first. We’ve learned that when you’re starting out it’s wise to start with something basic. Learn how 3d printers work, start with basic prints. Sure it’s tempting to spend a lot of money or make really complex prints, but it often gives novices a bad experience. If you’re totally green to 3d printing this can be away to test your interest in additive manufacturing and modeling without investing a lot.

We’ll keep this list below updated with ready-to-use and kit models that are a really great place to start. They’re backed by good companies, have a good reputation for reliability, ease of use and are affordable. Once you’ve tried 3d printing and are sure you love it or want to grow more, you’re ready to move up to to a hobby or enthusiast printer!

3D Printers Under $1000

In this category you’ll find: best 3d printer for beginners, best 3d printer kit

In this category of 3d printers you’ll find a mix of large build kits and other plug-n-play models. While a more confident person could enter the market here and have good success you’ll want to be aware that these models do take a fair aptitude for modeling, electronics and troubleshooting. It’s a good place to get started if you have a little more money to spend, are confident you’ll enjoy the hobby and have an aptitude for these type of electronics. While they have more ability, they also take more upkeep and fine tuning to deliver consistent and high quality prints. This would be a great gift or category for someone with experience in electronics and an aptitude for modeling.

This market segment is really growing. We’re bringing you the most proven models here. While it might be tempting to be on the cutting edge getting a unit that was recently produced or just had a really successful kickstart launch we’d rather see folks getting a model that has been around, the bugs have been worked out and they’ll have a great experience.

We’ll keep this page updated as new models pass the “going to be around for a while” test and prove their place here on the “Best 3d printers” page. For now the models below you can’t go wrong and are highly rated

Best 3D Printers Under $2000

If you’re here for a model in the $2000 and under range you’re in very good company! Some of the highest rated printers available in the sub-commercial range can be found in this budget range. For example Makergear has by far one of the highest rated single extruder 3d printers that is open source and prints in very high quality. This might not be the best place for someone completely new to 3d printing as the financial and experience commitment are higher. Getting the most from these models isn’t hard, but you’ll want to be sure you understand how to connect with your community, ask for help and are open to fine tuning. Once these models are dialed in they can produce large and high quality prints in several popular filaments.

We’ll say this again that there are a vast number of 3d printers that are coming on the market and that have been around for a short time. We’re only featuring printers in this category with a reputation for being solid investments, producing great results and overall have strong communities, strong companies behind them and will be what you expect. As other models prove themselves we’ll consider them for the top of the line 3d printers list. Until then we’d rather recommend to you models that deserve the title loud and clear.

Best 3D Printers Under $5000

In the $5000 and under category your options open up a lot. However price alone doesn’t in any way guarantee a good 3d printing experience. You’ll start finding different types of printers ranging from FDM (fused deposition modeling) to high resolution resin based printers. You’ll find single and dual extruders, every build volume you can imagine and both open and closed source designs. Our goal here isn’t to make an exhaustive list of models we recommend. Rather to make it very clear which models are worth the investment and will perform the best.

As models prove themselves on the market we’ll keep this page updated and add any new or up-and-coming models that make the cut to be on the best 3d printers page. The models below are the best of the best.

Coming Soon!

On average it can take a month to gather data, prepare a critical analysis and document a new 3d printer review. Here are some 3d printers’s we’re currently working on reviews for, but haven’t made it to the site page yet.

Don’t see your favorite listed here? Comment below or Contact us and tell us why it should be added!


  1. DJ says

    Great “best of” categories in this article. Any tips for those who are getting started from scratch? They are a quick learner but have never used a CAD software or 3d printed anything before? Are there some in the budget/beginner/hobbyist category that are just easier to learn than others or maybe there are more tutorials or resources available online that can help?



    • Jesse says

      Hey DJ,

      Thanks for stopping by! Great question about getting started.

      What many don’t know is that you don’t have to be an expert designer to get started in 3d printing.

      In fact even advanced users often don’t start printing their own designs until they’ve had both a little fun and a little experience with printing.

      So where do they get models?

      There are massive communities out there with models available for download for free and others area available for purchase.

      Some of those communities are:

      So really the question usually comes down to budget and experience working with electronics.

      For some a kit is a great place to start because they get the full experience. Such as the Reprap Prusa I3 which offers a lot of value in a small package and can print most anything a beginner might want.

      Some folks though don’t really want to spend the time building their first printer just to see if they like 3d printing so they might want to consider purchasing something like the XYZ Davinci Jr or the Davinci 1.0

      Hopefully that helps you get started DJ! Cheers!

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